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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach out to if you would like to assess the damage.

If you would like to return/replace your grill, please reach out to the retailer you placed an order with. If you purchased directly from, you will receive immediate assistance by contacting with your order ID.

How do I assemble a VESSIL grill?

Here is the page that stores our user & assembly manuals for all our grills and accessories.

What tools are included in the grill package?

In the package, you will find the parts needed to assemble the grill. Including a wrench and screwdriver.

What's the outdoor temperature the grill can withstand?

We have stress-tested all of our grill models by using the firebox right out of the freezer, and all grills are working properly under extreme weather conditions. If the grills are stored outdoor, cover the Kamado once completely cooled with a suitable rain cover. It is recommended the Kamado be stored under a covered space or shed over winter for complete protection. 

How high does the thermometer read?

The thermometer on our grills will read up to 450°C ( 842°F).

How long does it take for the grills to cool down?

Every VESSILS Kamado Grill is designed to retain heat. For a grill that is heated up to 260°C ( 500°F) or higher, it can take up to 3-4 hours to cool down by itself.

I can't get the temperature up, why?

1) Make sure you use enough charcoal.

2) Make sure the grill lid is open before charcoal is fully lit.

3) Make sure the charcoal is fully lit before you start cooking (if there's a lot of smoke, then the charcoal is not ready yet).

4) Make sure the grill lid is closed during cooking, and you use both the upper and bottom vents to let as much air flow as possible.

5) Use another thermometer to test temperature. If it's the grill's thermometer issue, please contact us.

How do I clean my VESSILS grill?

VESSILS Kamado Grill is self-cleaning.

Heat it up to 260°C (500°F) for 30 minutes, and it will scorch off all food and debris. 

PLEASE DO NOT use water or any other types of cleaning product to clean the inside of your Kamado. The walls are porous and will absorb any fluids used, which could cause the Kamado to crack. 

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