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About Us

We are Vessils

Our functionality makes us essential while surpassing your aesthetic expectation makes us irresistible. Culture and tradition are at the core of what we do; with that, we take pride in running our entire process including design, production, and sales all under the same VESSILS roof. Available for delivery in countries across the globe, our vision is to offer affordable ceramic goods that don't compromise on premium quality. We strive to deliver our assortment of products ranging from practical ceramic grills, salad plates, and mugs to decorative Yixing teapots, vases, and interior adornments from our studio directly into your home.

Mastering the Art of KAMADO since 2009

Endowed with rich clay deposits and home to a 7000-year-old pottery trade, the city of Yixing in China offers the ideal location for the VESSILS studio. Our beautifully crafted ceramic ware carries the heritage of this remote city which is world-renowned for its unique 'purple' clay. Created with the same earth used since the Neolithic Age, our present-day product range allows you to travel through time. Our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality elevates your investment in a VESSILS product from a simple transaction to an incomparable experience rooted in ancient culture.

Our Promise

Investing in any VESSILS piece ensures you have an encounter that provides the ultimate utility, craftsmanship, and richness that none can surpass. Constructed with care and attention, we pass our ceramic creations from our potters’ hands to yours. From the Neolithic to the present, our ambition is to create accessibility to these luxury goods. While the practice is ancient and specialized, we’re passionate about sharing our gifts with the world.