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Beginners Guide to Char-Grilling

Beginners Guide to Char-Grilling

  • 13 September, 2022

Ok… this may seem self-explanatory, but there are some things you ought to know before you dive headfirst into the world of Kamado Grilling. What charcoal do you use? How do you heat it up? You could figure these things out on your own, but you don't have to!  We’ll take you through everything you need to know before you start. 

The Basics: 


Man pouring charcoal into a kamado grill that is slightly open with mountains in the background. What charcoal to use in a kamado charcoal grill, best charcoal for smoking, baking, grilling.  

Choosing the right Charcoal

Choosing the right charcoal is almost as important as setting the grill up correctly. We recommend using a natural hardwood charcoal brand. This type of charcoal is usually made of maplewood and/or oak. It's more reliable than most charcoal out there, and it's much cleaner. We personally like Fogo Charcoal for our grills


How to Clean the Grill

Listen - we don't like cleaning either, but it's important you clean your grill between uses. It's the key to getting stable, high temperatures. If the grill is not properly cleaned, you can risk getting ash stuck in your vents, which prevents proper airflow control. Cleaning your grill is pretty simple. Open all the vents, heat to 500 for 30min, and scrape away the ash with a brush! Be sure not to use any soap or cleaning products on your grill. 


Kamado grill with top vent open and smoke slowly pouring out, light grey, vessels brand kamado grill

Leave enough room between food

It's tempting to shove all your food onto the grill, but if it doesn't fit - it doesn't fit! Leave enough space between your food to allow air circulation. No air = no fire, which means nothing will cook. Heating up the Grill 

Kamado grills use charcoal to heat up. For grilling, you’ll want to dump some charcoal into the main ceramic bowl in the grill. You can place a fire starter on top of the grill, but do not use lighter fluid. There are also tools like our charcoal lighter that make it easy to get a fire going.

The vents on the top and front of the grill are what control how hot the grill gets. To put it simply, the more oxygen you add the hotter the grill will be. When you first light the grill, you’ll want to keep the lid closed and open your front and top vents around ½ of the way open until you reach your desired temperature. Once you hit that temperature, leave the vents ¼ of the way open until it stabilizes. 

Keep in mind: It's a lot easier to raise the temperature than to lower it, so be mindful of that while you’re heating. 


Leave. The. Lid. Closed. 

Frequently checking your food is worse than leaving it alone! Trust the grill will do its thing. If you open the grill too often, the temperature will keep changing. DO make sure you monitor the temperature, though.  


Thats it! With these tips you should be making amazing food in no time. Want to share with us? Post your recipes on Instagram and tag @vessils_offical !  

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